Care for your extensions

Our hair extensions can last you for years if you properly care for them.

We recommend washing and conditioning your extensions after every install.

We recommend that you brush your hair extensions with a detangling brush or comb with a detangling comb.

Use as little heat as possible to keep from damaging the hair. If you use heat, spray your extensions with a heat protectant spray.

When you are not wearing your hair extensions, place them in a satin bag or satin pillowcase if possible.

Remember that good quality hair extensions like ours are an investment.

We want you to keep your hair as long as possible.

**If you are sleeping in your hair at night, place it in rollers or braids and place a satin scarf or bonnet on to protect your hair.

Use little product on your hair, but you can place a little leave-in conditioner or gel on your extensions if needed.

Have fun with your hair; you paid for it, so enjoy it!!