Making your extensions and wigs last for years

Our hair extensions and pre-made wigs can last you for years if you properly care for them.

We recommend washing and conditioning your extensions after every install.

The best shampoo and conditioners per texture:

1. Blonde hair: You want to use a purple-based shampoo if possible. Purple shampoos work better on silver and blonde hair because it can neutralize the brassiness and provide a brighter, clean tone to the hair.
Be careful with some purple based products because they can stain your hair.
We recommend that you brush your hair extensions with a detangling brush or comb with a detangling comb.

Good examples under $15- John Freida's "Sheer Blonde" color renew shampoo and conditioner retail at $10/each

Good Example over $15- It's a 10 "Miracle Brightening Shampoo for blondes," retails at $24, and Amika "Bust your brass cool blonde conditioner" conditioner at $24.

2. Curly textures: Because curly textures can be dryer naturally, you will want more of a moisturizing, hydrating, and lightweight shampoo and conditioner combination. You also will need something to help combat frizz after the hair has dried.

Good Examples under $10- TRESemme' s "Ultimate Hydration with moisture complex" shampoo and conditioner. Retails for less than $5 at Target.

We also recommend Not Your Mother's Curl "Talk Curl Care" Shampoo, which retails at $6.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Over $10- Shu Uemura Art of Hair "Shusu Sleek Smoothing Shampoo" for $49 at Sephora and DevaCurl "No-Poo" Original zero lather conditioning cleanser for $46 at Ulta.

3. Wavy textures: Wavy textures are similar to curly but may not need moisture like the curly textures. A lightweight, conditioning shampoo and conditioner during wash days will go a long way to preserve these hair textures.

Good examples under $15-To detangle the hair- Natural Moisturizing & Super detangling sulfate-free conditioner with natural shea butter and coconut milk-almond & avocado collection by Design Essentials; retails at $12 on Amazon.
Use as little heat as possible to keep from damaging the hair.

Best Drugstore Brand- Shea Moisture's "Make it last wash n'go" shampoo and conditioner in Coconut Custard; retails at $10.

Good Examples over $15-

4. Straight hair- The good thing about straight extensions is that they do not require as much attention as wavy and curly textures. Unless they are blonde or colored extensions, naturally brown extensions are easiest to maintain, requiring less maintenance.

Good Examples under $10- Any of the Dove products, TRESemme products, Pantene products, or any other drug store shampoo and conditioners are fine.

We don't really see the need to spend more than $10 for shampoo and conditioner for straight hair bundles. You can spray them lightly with a light oil while wet and let them air dry for added moisture.

5. Colored Extensions- Because of the chemicals used to dye the extensions, you will need more moisture. Whether it is 613 bleached hair or blue, you want to care for these as you would a wavy or curly textured style.

Good Examples under $15-L'Oreal Paris "Everpure" Moisture Shampoo and conditioner kit for color-treated hair (comes 2 in a set on Amazon) retails from $6.72 to $13.44

Good Examples over $15- Voted the best pro shampoo and conditioner for colored hair by Glamour magazine, Phyto "Phytocolor Color Protecting" shampoo, and mask. The shampoo retails for $19 and the conditioning mask for $32.

When you are not wearing your hair extensions, place them in a satin bag or satin pillowcase if possible.

Remember that good quality hair extensions like ours are an investment.

We want you to keep your hair as long as possible.

*If you use heat spray, your extensions with a heat protectant spray.

**If you are sleeping in your hair at night, place it in rollers or braids and place a satin scarf or bonnet on to protect your hair.

Use little product on your hair, but you can place a little leave-in conditioner or gel on your extensions if needed.

Have fun with your hair; you paid for it, so enjoy it!!

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